Getting up close and personal with the crocodiles in Costa Rica



My name is Hanna Jobes. I’m 22 years old, American, and living my dream life. Join me on my journey around the world as I give you the inside look of my travels and how you can do it too!

Currently I call Nashville, Tennessee home where I am a professional dancer and dance teacher. When I’m not dancing I’m out traveling, and sometimes dancing while traveling. I started this crazy journey when I was 20 years old, going to school for a career I was told would make me “successful”. After a terrible cancer scare I started to take charge of my life, dropping everything that didn’t make me happy. This resulted in a few months later packing my bags for Europe, falling in love with the world, humanity, travel, maybe a few British boys, and never looking back.

What’s to come? 2017 is about to be the biggest year for me yet. In late August I will be moving permanently to Paris. I am so excited to finally be living in Europe and pursuing my travel writing goals while taking you all on the journey with me.

Strolling around the parks of Ireland

I realized years ago I didn’t have to live my life by society’s (ridiculous) standards. The thought of working a 9-5, eating dinner, going to sleep, and doing it all over again the next day doesn’t appeal to me. So I refused to do it. Sadly, I didn’t win the lottery or inherit a mysterious rich uncle’s fortune. I simply do everything in my power and work my booty off to live a life that I love.

I want more than anything to inspire others to live a life they’ve always wanted as well. I created “Based On A Travel Story” as a tool to show just how easy it is for you (yes, YOU) to travel. From budget and adventure travel, stories I’ve acquired on the road, packing and even surviving food poisoning in foreign countries, I’m here to help you take that first big step and keep you going around the world.

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